Sunday, February 21, 2016

How to Make Progress Towards Your Goals While Living Day by Day

By D. Dale Fairclough, PE, CPC
21 February 2016

1.     What are your short and long term goals? 
          a.  What would make you feel truly happy and fulfilled?
          b.  What are you naturally good at? What skills and abilities do you have          
               presently or are working on?
          c.  How can you meld the above into satisfying and rewarding goals?
2.      Practice Visualization:
         a.  Create a vivid picture in your mind of you being successful at your goals
         b.  What does it feel like and look like?  Really imagine yourself in the moment
3.        Create a realistic plan and schedule to reach your goals 
          a.  What are all the steps you need to take to reach your goals?  When? How?
          b.  What roadblocks do you expect and what is your plan to deal with those
          c.  What are your other priorities?
                - What things must you accommodate day to day to live a balanced life?
                - Are there things you are spending time on that you need to put aside
4.      Create a schedule that allows you to "take care of life's business" each day and make gradual progress towards your goals
         a.  Live in "day-tight compartments".  Deal with what you need to deal with for that day and put other things in the plan for the future. One thing at a time.
         b.  Set aside a time at the end of the week/month/year to plan for the next week/month/year including any new issues.
         c.  Remember first things first. Stay focused and don't open up every problem. Write down non urgent things for later...
         d.  Don't get distracted by small things.  Put unimportant things (especially other people's issues) aside.
         e.  Keep things in order; be organized as possible. Maintain a planner.
         f.   Don't procrastinate
5.       Express Positive Affirmations:
          a.  Speak positively about yourself and where you are going-- never negative
          b.   Speak in the present tense.  "I am doing well"  "I am on the way to success"  "I am doing what I need to do..." Say these thing in your mind or out loud as needed.
          c.   Accept yourself as you are right now. "I am good enough" "I have great qualities"  "I am growing as a person every day"

6.       Stay in control of your thoughts. 
          a.     When worries come, figure out which are real things you really need to follow up and write them down. 
          b.    Push the other junk and nonsense out of your mind.  Discard the negative thoughts.  Rid yourself of outside negativity and "critics".
         c.  Thinking about "What is the worst that can happen?" is sometimes a comfort 
7.       Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually:
          a.     Rest, relax, eat well, take vitamins/supplements, practice deep breathing, exercise (stretch, walk, at a minimum), pray/meditate/have peaceful quiet time

8.       Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  

9.       Contact me if you need expert help and personal support:
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