Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moving Away from the Past and into a Brighter Future

by D. Dale Fairclough
October 3, 2010 (original date)

One thing is certainwe cannot change what already has happened Only in the movies can a hero step into a time machine that takes them back in the past to change future events.  For real people, we have to realize that the things that have occurred good or bad are history- plain and simple.  What we CAN do is manage what is happening to us right now and work to shape what happens in the future.  So, how do we do that?

1)      Since we are human beings and we have emotions and memories, it is not easy to justhit delete and erase the past.  What we have to is firmly come to grips with and accept what has happened as reality that we cant change no matter what.

2)      But, is there anything we need to do to bring complete closure to this situation?  Perhaps there isnt anything further to be done But, if there is, think carefully about what you must say and do to ensure you make the situation as right as it can be rather than worse than it already is.  Consider if there anyone we need to clear the air with in this situation?  

3)      Perhaps this is something you only have to deal with within yourself.  If you are spiritual in nature, you may choose to reconcile the situation with prayer.

4)      Next, what can we learn from this?  How do we prevent something like this from occurring in the future?  What steps do we need to take to ensure this?  How can you be better from this point in time going forward?

5)      At this point, take a deep breath, exhale, and let go of this situation completely. It is gone from within you and you are released from the burdens of the past.

6)      Finally look in a new direction (physical turn to a window or some other pleasant view if that helps).  What positive goal do you need to set for yourself right now?  Your thoughts from this point forward should be towards the positive.  You must embrace that right now in this moment you are unlimited in what you can do in life.

7)      Once you have a goal in mind, you must continue to shape that goal and make it a reality.  Turn the concept into a step by step plan.  If you need help discovering what your goals are, shaping them, and creating the step by step roadmap hire a Life Coach that can help you get where youd like to be.  Id be glad to support you in attaining your dreams!

Dale Fairclough, CPC, PE is the Founder of and Chief Coach/Consultant at Achieve Coaching and Consulting. To get in contact with Dale, please visit or send email to Dale directly at  Copyright 2010 by Achieve Coaching and Consulting.